Using radical technology to develop innovative therapeutics in CNS diseases

Discovery Engine

Despite decades of effort, only a quarter of druggable G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in the human genome have FDA-approved medicines. We plan to change that. Our discovery programs use revolutionary technology to drug new and challenging GPCRs.

Our Process

We engineer GPCR biosensors which serves as the foundation of our in vitro and in vivo GPCR targeted small-molecule discovery programs

Proprietary Technology

Our technology enables both the real-time functional and direct visualization of each GPCR in response to the interaction of a compound

Exceptional Results

We discover better compounds because we don't rely on one dimensional readouts to study the dynamic processes governed by GPCRs

Disruptive technology

Our proprietary genetically encoded GPCR biosensors are designed with the molecular specificity, affinity, and kinetics similar to endogenous receptors.  For this reason, GPCR biosensors are ideal for drug discovery. Unlike traditional technologies, GPCR biosensors enable the robust, direct, and chronic detection of physiologically or behaviorally relevant activity of the GPCR of interest in response to a given compound both in vitro and in vivo. 

GPCR biosensors illuminate the intricacies and complexities of human GPCR signaling, making more promising drug discoveries possible.



We are passionate about GPCR targeted drug discovery and are constantly looking for motivated individuals to join our team


We collaborate with pharma partners on drug discovery programs up to the early clinical phases


We value strategic partners who are committed to advancing new therapeutics by disrupting the status quo